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Are you thinking of selling your home? 

Did you know that most buyers make a decision about your house in 90 seconds and only spend on average 6 minutes looking at your house. 

Engaging a professional home styler can add thousands to your sale price and cost as little as $250.


What is Home Styling?  

Home Styling this is a professional service that prepares your home for open houses by presenting it in its best light.  

It is much more than a few cushions and a nice table setting.  Home Stylers research your potential market and style your home to suit that market. 

What makes us different?

Unlike any other home styler on the market, we are licenced real estate agents, meaning we have access to market data that other stylers simply cannot access.

Our other main point of difference is our pricing structure.  While most home stylers make their money from renting furniture to you to replace the furniture you already have, we are different, we work with what you have, and in most cases you won't need to hire any furniture from us. We have packages to suit all budgets and circumstances.

Base Package

Most people, with a little help can style their homes themselves.  Selling a house is a very expensive process, so we assist to minimise the cost to you.

Our base package involves a 2 hour session with you before your house goes on the market.  Before you have spoken to an agent about selling is the best time for this.  We take you through the things that are worth doing to prepare you home. This could be as simple as a tidy up of the garden and a clean out of clutter but could be as detailed as a repaint.  We can guide you on the best things to do to maximise your profit and minimise your expense.

We will also provide hints and tips on styling your home for the agents first visit and for your open homes.  


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