Drop Shipping 101

What is drop shipping?  This is when the supplier ships the product direct to you.  It offers us a large variety of products at very reasonable prices, but we don't hold them in stock ourselves.   This method of selling is very popular with many online shops but many don't tell you that they may not have personally inspected the product.  

While we do have some items in our own homes, there are over 3000 items in this range.  If we every receive negative feedback from our customers on a product we remove it from the range and address it with our supplier, and in most cases offer a full refund. 

You'll notice the pricing is divided into states, this price includes the price of the item and shipping to that state.

The products available here may be available from other suppliers but....

What makes us different to other drop shippers?   We stand behind our products 100%  Which means if you are not happy we'll work with you to find a solution that suits everyone.

We hope you enjoy the wide range of product we have in our drop shipping basement and know that shopping here gives you not only a great range of products but support from a local Brisbane team.


The 2 Mad Sisters Team